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It's now possible for anyone eligible to test and evaluate the AIRI platform located here in Sweden. To be able to start, please fill out the below form.

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Containerised Frameworks (NVIDIA optimized frameworks for DGX-1 Pascal and/or Volta are DIGITs, Caff e, CUDA, TensorFlow, Caff e2 Theano, MxNet, CNTK, Torch, PyTorch

What data are you planning to use in your application? How large are your datasets? What is the predominant datatype of your data (fixed point, single precision, floating point, double precision floating point, text others?

Onsite DGX-1 POC (Subject to Credit Worthiness and Availability)

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DGX-1 management network connectivity requires copper ethernet (RJ45 connectors)

DGX-1 requires HTTP access to and for package retrieval

DGX-1 requires HTTPS access to for Container retrieval

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