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  • Nvidia releases the Ampere GPU Powered DGX A100 Supercomputing System!

    ungefär 1 månad sedan

    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang announced on 14 May 2020 the new Ampere GPU powered DGX A100. This monstrous GPU system will certainly rock the HPC market, with it’s whopping 5 PETAFLOPS (peak performance at FP16). It’s the follow-up model of the VOLTA powered DGX-1 (8 GPUs) and DGX-2 (16 GPUs) products.

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    Taggat: AI Deep Learning Nvidia GPU DGX

  • CGit awarded AI Champion of the year award

    8 månader sedan

    San Jose, California 2019-11-14 CGit has been awarded Nvidias “AI Champion of the year” award in a ceremony at Nvidia HQ in San Jose. The award goes to a select few companies that are regarded as leaders and Innovators within AI and AI Infrastructure. This is the second time that CGit receives the award.

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    Taggat: AI Deep Learning Nvidia DGX

  • CGit is Elite!

    ungefär 1 år sedan

    We are proud to announce that CGit has been named Elite partner by Nvidia!

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    Taggat: Deep Learning Nvidia DGX

  • NVIDIA håller sin "Innovation Day" i Göteborg 11e december!

    ungefär 1 år sedan

    NVIDIA har precis offentliggjort att man kommer hålla en av sina fantastiska "Innovation Days" i Göteborg. Den 11e december är det dags på Lindholmen Science Park och CGit är givetvis också där!

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    Taggat: AI Nvidia Artificiell Intelligens DGX Education Utbildning Innovation

  • CGit: AI Innovator of the year!

    ungefär 1 år sedan

    CGit blev idag utnämnda till ”AI Innovator of the year” av NVIDIA.

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    Taggat: Arista Networks AI Deep Learning Nvidia Purestorage Artificell Intelligens DGX