CGit launches software for optimizing AI development

11 månader sedan

CGit, one of Scandinavia's leading suppliers of specialized infrastructure for the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), today launches AiQu, a software developed by CGit to streamline customers' development of AI.

AI and Deep Learning and the increased use of GPU-based systems have created new challenges for computer scientists and IT-organizations alike. The tools traditionally used for scheduling and orchestrating CPU-based HPC environments are no longer the optimal choice for the new GPU-based systems.

“Thanks to our position as one of the pioneers in AI-specialized infrastructure, CGit has accumulated early experience and lessons learned. We have identified a great need for companies and organizations to streamline their valuable investments in hardware and personal. Existing software, which is not specifically developed for AI and Deep Learning, does not solve this need in a good way, ” says Mattias Bergkvist, CEO of CGit.

CGit has therefore developed its own Scheduling and Orchestration software specifically developed for AI and Deep Learning. Mattias continues: “Our focus has been on developing an easy-to-use software that should be easy to learn and get started with, regardless of whether you have long experience of working with AI development, or if you have just gotten started. We have also focused on creating software with a small "footprint" to minimize the need to invest in extra resources ".

With AiQu, you get increased visibility and control over your resources and thus optimize the resources in your environment.

AiQu is free to test and more information is available at