CGit is Elite!

ungefär 1 år sedan

We are proud to announce that CGit has been named Elite partner by Nvidia!

Today, CGit joined a very limitied number of companies in Northern Europe that can call themselves Nvidia Elite Partner. That means that we are able to sell the whole range of DGX-family supercomputers, including the most powerful DGX-2 systems. 

We at CGit are extremely happy to receive this very prestigious status. We take great pride in, not only delivering the products themselves, but also in adding our unique experience and know how in implementation and management of whole systems for deep learning and AI-development (including network and storage-systems). 

The status means that any company or organization that are thinking about implementing the Nvidia DGX-systems for GPU-driven development of AI and Deep Learning can contact CGit - no matter the size of that project. CGit are also among an even fewer number of companies that can offer the AIRI platform (DGX + Purestorage + Arista) as a service. 

Please contact Christian Gustavsson or Petter Ahlén at CGit for more information