CGit doubles the GPU power in its AI-specialized Datacenter!

5 månader sedan

CGit has just added another 5 Petaflops of GPU Power to its state-of-the-art datacenter in Sweden.

The datacenter, which is run by the AI-infrastructure pioneers at CGit, will be up to full speed by end of April. “We are overwhelmed by the fantastic response that we have had over the past year since we upgraded our datacenter from the Nvidia DGX-1 systems to the new DGX A100.” Says Mattias Bergkvist CEO at CGit. “Our GPUs have been fully booked for months with tons of exciting AI projects. With the added compute power, we will be able to help more AI projects come to realization and accelerate the development of AI in Sweden”.

CGits delivers highly specialized infrastructure for the development of AI in Sweden and has delivered some of the largest high-capacity datacenters in Scandinavia. CGit is also Core Technology Partner to AI Sweden, the Swedish national initiative to accelerate applied AI.

CGit also develops specialized Machine Learning Operations Software through AIXIA, a joint venture together with AI Startup Asymptotic. These new software tools help companies maximize the utilization of computational resources. The first two products to come out of AIXIA is the smart scheduling and orchestration software AiQu and a software suite called SnapXS that includes automatic anonymization, annotation, smart search in extremely large datasets and much more. These smart new tools can be used in CGits AI Datacenter, in the Cloud, or in your own datacenter, and if you need assistance to get started, we have some of the most skilled and experienced AI Infrastructure Engineers in Scandinavia.

If you want to know more about how CGit and AIXIA can help accelerate your organizations AI initiatives, contact us at or .