AI & Deep Learning-specific solutions

For many companies, the real competitive advantage today lies, not in gathering as much data as possible, but in using the huge amount of information they have access to more efficiently.

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Only then can companies and organisations get competitive advantages and increase their profitability. This applies regardless of whether we are talking about self-driving cars, smart cities, decision support, development of new smart services for consumers, or quicker and more effective interpretation of information.

This is where AI, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks come in. Given the fact that extremely high-performing IT infrastructure has reached price levels that make it sensible to invest in for a much larger group of companies and institutions than before, we can see that the market for AI-related IT infrastructure will explode in the coming years.

CGit is one of very few IT infrastructure companies in Sweden that has forged strategic partnerships, having already installed and deployed large environments for Deep Learning and AI. Together with Nvidia, Arista Networks, and Pure Storage, we have a winning concept and we offer a proven AI and Deep Learning platform that can be installed in a very short time.

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