Solutions from CGit

CGit is a supplier that specialises in delivering market-leading solutions for IT infrastructure, including both hardware and software. We always seek to ensure that our solutions generate real benefits for our customers and enhance their value. With a genuine passion for new technology, we distinguish ourselves by challenging major, established suppliers in the market. 

One thing that sets CGit apart from all other competitors is the fact that the technology solutions we provide to our customers are the same we use ourselves in our own data centre.


Specialised solutions for all needs

We can help, whether you need a big data centre for thousands of virtual machines (VMs), including redundancy, specialised infrastructure for AI/Deep Learning, or a small one. Having carefully selected our suppliers, who are market leaders, we can offer products that increase your competitiveness!


Contact Christian

Feel free to contact Christian directly. His main expertise is within advanced datacenter solutions and he can help you find the right products and services for your organization.

Services from CG it

We offer state of the art services

Services from CGit

CGit is a complete IT Service Provider. As our customer, you can be assured that your data will stay locally in Sweden, close to our expertise. Our Services are based on the principles of availability, scalability, performance, and security.

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