Services from CGit

We offer a wide range of consulting services with ranging from disaster recovery, hosting, security services, storage hosting, client management, workplace as a service, to Ai-infrastructure as a service, and much more. All of our solutions and services are based in our Swedish data centres, close to our skill pools and our customers. One of our main goals is to provide our customers with customised first-rate support and service. We believe in earning the trust of our customers rather than in binding them with long-term contracts. This allows you, as a customer, to freely choose how long you wish to remain in a contract with us.


At your site, in one of our datacenters, in the cloud, or somewhere in between?

Does your operations dictate that you should have a data centre at your end? Or do you need the greatest possible flexibility? We offer you a free choice between public, private, and shared services. We can offer you full freedom of choice thanks to our state-of-the-art data centre and the strategic choices we have made.

Whether you wish to use a large cloud provider, CGit hosting, your own data centre, or a combination of these, CGit is the right partner for you. We will guide and assist you in finding the solution that suits your business best.

Contact Christian

Feel free to contact Christian directly. His main expertise is within advanced datacenter solutions and he can help you find the right products and services for your organization.

Our other solutions

We can help, whether you need a big data centre for thousands of virtual machines (VMs), including redundancy, specialised infrastructure for AI/Deep Learning, or a small one. Having carefully selected our suppliers, who are market leaders, we can offer products that increase your competitiveness!

Solutions for everyone

To offer the best solutions to the market, we have very high demands on the suppliers we choose to work with. We want to offer the latest solutions from leading manufacturers who are at the absolute forefront of technology. Naturally, the products we offer are the same we ourselves use for hosting and storage. This ensures that you have access to the latest knowledge and know-how.

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