CGit offers consulting services in IT infrastructure. From day-to-day support, implementation of a new solution, to responsibility for your operations and maintenance. With 300 years of combined experience, we operate and develop our customers’ IT infrastructure. With great dedication and creativity, we ensure maximum productivity and efficiency in your IT environment and for your users.

Towards a better future

Culture and values are our guiding principles, we are convinced that you as a customer will feel our commitment and innovative thinking in cooperation with us and that you will feel secure in that!

For us, it’s not just about a good solution. We want you to get maximum benefit from your business. Therefore, as a client, you can always expect an objective consultation from us, taking into account your history, circumstances and activities.

You as a customer should also expect high quality from us at CGit. We ensure this by having our consultants work in a project-oriented manner using methods such as PPS and ITIL.

At CGit, we are constantly working to develop our consultants, with the aim of creating a better future together. It is a constant work in progress to achieve this ambition but so important motor for us in everyday life!