CGit company Aixia assists the University of Gothenburg with AI for climate economics research

8 månader sedan

Through Aixia, CGit has won a tender and signed a new contract with the University of Gothenburg for Natural Language Processing. We will assist the university to develop and implement models for AI Deep Learning (NLP) to analyze bank´s statements and sustainability reports. The ambition is to understand how banks react to climate policy developments and new regulations, as well as how they talk about climate change and their responsibility in mitigating it. The project starts immediately and will last for about 6 months.

In the project we will use Aixia´s AI platform SnapXS as a service to manage data and deliver optimized NLP models. Using machine learning and AI (Natural Language Processing), written documentation and statements from published annual and sustainability reports will be analyzed to identify valuable data.

Aixia thanks for the trust, says Mattias Bergkvist, CEO of CGit / Aixia. It is incredibly exciting to be able to fill in with more meritorious projects and strategically important for us, this time in NLP, (Natural Language Processing), Aixia, which has only been running since the beginning of 2021 has already been involved and delivered significant projects to support and develop Industry 4.0, and business in the private and public sectors.

CGit continues to build its knowledge house in AI / Deep Learning.

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