Are you aware of Microsoft's new contract agreements for Office 365?

8 månader sedan

Since January 10, Microsoft has introduced a new form of agreement regarding its MS / Office 365 licenses. They call this the New Commerce Experience (NCE). All existing agreements are valid until further notice and it is possible to extend these until June. After June, you can no longer extend the old form of agreement, but then only NCE applies.

In short, the new form of agreement means that customers are forced to commit to a certain number of licenses. These licenses can never (during the contract period, usually one year) be reduced. However, you can always increase the number of licenses. However, once you have increased, you can not reduce the increase either.

There is still an opportunity to work with flexible licenses (ie unbound), these will then be about 20% more expensive than the corresponding bound.

What you can do is mix bound and unbound. If you know that during the year there will never be less than 80 people who must have a certain license, such as Office 365 E3, we can bind 80 licenses and in addition have a few unbound who can be increased and decreased each month. On the annual due date of the agreement, you can re-subscribe to bound licenses and then increase / decrease as you wish.

As I said, it has always been right to increase the number of licenses. You also have the opportunity to choose a "larger" license form with more functionality, ie if you tie 80 Office 365 E3, you can go up to Office 365 E5 whenever you want during the year. However, you can never go back to a "smaller" form of license.

In addition to this, Microsoft generally raises its prices by about 15% on March 1. If you sign a new agreement before that, you keep the existing prices during the year the agreement is valid, in addition, you get a 5% additional discount in the "welcome bonus" from Microsoft.


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